Facade Project

A podcast for Underachievers who want to look like Overachievers. 3 friends trying to add impressive titles to their name to look as impressive as possible at a glance.

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Current Bios

Austin: 13

ASMRtist, Attacked by a Monkey, Designer, Douchebag, Former Millionaire, Gymnast, Hipster, Liar, Ordained, Podcaster, Privacy Advocate, Software Engineer, Time's Person of the Year

Kevin: 17

Designer, Food Photographer, Frail, Gymnast, Hoarder, Juggler, Liar, Notary, Open Source Contributor, Ordained, Podcaster, Privacy Advocate, Software Engineer, Spelunker, Time's Person of the Year, Ultrarunner, YouTuber

Nick: 13

Designer, Forklift Operator, Frail, Gymnast, Juggler, Liar, Mechanical Engineer, Ordained, Pandemic Survivor, Photographer, Podcaster, Privacy Advocate, Time's Person of the Year

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“I listened to the whole thing, it was nowhere near as bad as I expected.”

A Happy Listener

“You 3. You 3 come up with the worst ideas.”

My Girlfriend

“Not this crap again.”

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