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This list is subject to change as we do dumb things & find edge cases we missed.

  • It has to involve some level of effort, it can’t be as simple as just deciding you have the title now.
  • Each item needs to have explicit criteria for completion, agreed upon by committee.
  • Can’t be too easy of a grab, unless it’s incredibly clever, e.g. Can’t be a car salesman by having your friend buy your car for a $1 and then give it back. Also, they wouldn’t give it back. Ha, stupid.
  • Successful outcomes have to be believable at a glance by a random stranger.
  • There must be full consensus from the members of the project that the evidence presented satisfies criteria. 1 person says no? sucks for you.
  • Not quite a rule but a guideline, limit the ideas that are just wordplay.
  • Can’t use experiences from the distant past. Exceptions (like degrees) apply, but only after review.